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Creating Connections for Professional Intimate Relationships Learn to Connect with Individuals Who Tango With You Throughout Your Life - Both Personally and Professionally.
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Master Conductor In Master Conductor, Gary Polsky offers ideas on how to infuse your sales relationships with synergetic, positive energy to build long-term High-Return Relationships - connections that will last a lifetime.
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Write a PIR Plan Write a plan to create Professional Intimate Relationships in your life. Also known as High-Return Relationships, these long-term bonds straddle the professional and personal areas of your life, propelling you forward in your career and in your life. A written plan will help you focus on who you want to connect with and when.
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Developing Professional Intimate Relationships Attract and Connect with Individuals Who Help You Move Forward in Life.
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Knowing Yourself Know Who You Are to Figure Out Who You Can Become.
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Sales Tip of the Day

Embrace an attitude of “do or die” to continue cultivating your client base.
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SELLING HEALTHCARE: 5 Strategies to Create High-Return Relationships in Healthcare Sales

Selling Healthcare

New book published June 12, 2013

Convert sales prospects into loyal customers with a proven prescription for building the mutually beneficial relationships that power phenomenal growth in the dynamic healthcare industry. Leveraging nearly 30 years' experience in healthcare management, sales, and start-ups, Gary W. Polsky offers a fresh perspective on the relationship-centered sales process so critical for building a referral base. 


Please visit http://sellinghealthcare.net to learn more! 

Developing Professional Intimate Relationships (PIRs)

The only way to truly expand the circle of relationships that improve your quality of life on all levels is to forge deeper, more meaningful connections. These are Professional Intimate Relationships (PIRs) — also known as High-Return Relationships — pre-qualified connections elevated beyond the professional level by a genuine desire to connect as individuals with shared passions and a long-term outlook.


 Gary Discusses PIRs

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